About Us

Understanding the legacy of Tea throughout the world, KanhChai.com developed a brainchild to serve the needs of customers online. The essence of tea has charmed users from decades in the form of aromatic drink or in terms of health. When it comes to health, distinguished components are selected from nature and packed into several types of teas. This beverage is nowadays known for inclusion of antioxidants, flavanoids and related substances to add longevity of consumers. Since, antioxidants have been effective elements capable of boosting immunity; green tea is becoming popular among today’s generation.

This site offers you a platform to explore different varieties of tea ranging from Green Tea, White Tea to Herbal Tea. Each type of tea is renowned for its special qualities like lowering the risk of diseases and offering soothing effect to the body. Kanha Chai is a joint venture of partners who researched on the need of tea and its varieties which are available in the market. Keeping in mind that they can be purchased from the selected locations in the market, the founders ideated the concept of online selling of White Tea, Green Tea, Organic, Darjeeling tea, lemon tea, fruit flavoured tea and Herbal Tea.

Users can pick the Tea's of their choice and for their reference, the basic specifications about the same is mentioned too. To offer convenience to the visitors, all the minute details are provided on the website so that they can decide in an effective manner. Moreover, we, at www.kanhachai.com ensure that you are updated with latest additions to our services. To each one of us at KanhaChai, it’s just not tea that we want to bring back. We want to rekindle the experience that comes with it, the blend of soul, peace and the ultimate satisfaction that rises from Darjeeling and Assam’s premium tea estates which posses a lineage of over 150 years, a tale in itself.